Solar Charge Controller 5A

Solar Charge Controller 6A

Kavita solar Offer a wide range of Electronic SPV Charge Controllers / Regulators with standard and custom built versions. The Standard model generally conforms to MNRE specifications.

General Specifications and Features:

Housing material : ABS/MS (as per Requirement)


  • Fuse

LED indications

  • Battery charging in process
  • Battery Charged (Charging disconnect)
  • Battery deep discharge (Load disconnect)
  • Fuse Blown

Protection options :

  • Battery Reverse polarity
  • Battery deep discharge
  • Battery Overcharge
  • 100% short circuit
  • Surge/lightning

Electrical Specification:

For Solar Charge Controller 12V-6A

  • Load disconnect battery voltage 11 ± 0.2 volts or as required
  • Load reconnect battery voltage 12.5 ± 0.2 volts or as required
  • Constant Charging Voltage 14.5 ± 0.2 volts or as required
  • Idle current consumption Less than 5ma